The Association

The Friends of the Camino de Santiago Association “Pulchra Leonina” is, as its name indicates, an association of friends, who are also friends of “El Camino de Santiago”, and who share the spirit of St. James. This association takes its name Pulchra Leonina from the Latin nickname by which the beautiful Cathedral of Leon is known, an iconic Gothic cathedral on the Camino world-wide known by its stained-glass windows.

Our Association is part of the Spanish Federation of the Friends of the Camino de Santiago and, as such, it delivers official credentials and collaborates with Albergues and public institutions. Our main motivation is the promotion and care of the pilgrims and the Pilgrims’ Ways to Santiago in the province of León, which boasts as many as seven different ones that cross, end or start in various parts of the province: the French Way, San Salvador Way, the Forgotten Way or Old Way, Vadiniense Route, the Winter Way, Via de la Plata and Camino de Madrid.

These are our main aims, as stated in our statutes.

Come meet us! And if you would like to become a member, please contact us and we will provide you with a calendar of the activities we carry out and the aims of our association. To join, it is necessary that two current members endorse you, and thus, you can collaborate and participate in our pilgrimage activities, becoming part of this great family whose goal is hospitality and love for the Camino de Santiago.